Jørgen Rasmussen – Deep Dive


Only for students who have attended Psychological Illusion Model

January 20th 2020 in Copenhagen
Teaching will be in English

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20. JANUAR 2020

Psychologic Illusion Model – Deep Dive

The illusory nature of identity and self concepts

Det er kun muligt at deltage på kurset, hvis man allerede har gennemført kurset Psychological Illusion Model

Who we think we are massively influences how its like to be us moment by moment. Interventions at this Level can therefore evoke profound generative and long lasting changes across many contexts

In this seminar you will discover tools and methods to break the spell of being “lost in thought” or in other Words, see through the illusion of a permanent, separate and stable self.

This not only helps us turn Down much of the internal chatter, fears, and compulsions we may struggle with but it also helps us in being more relevant for our clients.

We very often unconsciously project roles, characteristics and tendencies on to our clients to help reinforce how we want to see ourselves. As a result we often end  up doing a second job ( covering Our weaknesses, enhancing our self concepts etc.) that Our Clients arent paying us to do and which gets in the way of Our actual job.

Jørgen Rasmussen The Psychollogical Illusion Model

Becoming aware of how we  – often unconsciously – engage in this Activity helps us become more relevant for our clients and makes it easier for us to “enter the Field” with our clients in a flow state…going from “doing hypnosis” to “being hypnotic”.


There will be a lot of hands-on and demos. And as always with Jørgen a lot of stories, improvising and sharing of his own experiences.

Besides learning new techniques and methods you will be encouraged to develop as a therapist. Seeing through your own illusions as a therapist and as a human being. Thereby getting better at helping people more effectively when doing change work. 

About Jørgen

Jørgen Rasmussen has spent the last 20-some years working full time as a hypnosis oriented agent of change. He has done in depth study and explorations of NLP, hypnosis, rational emotive behavior therapy, non duality and developmental psychology .

He is a former self defence instructor and life long martial artist. Has been meditating since 1991. He teaches his “Psychological Illusion Model to Hypnosis and Changework” in seminars internationally. Functions as a mentor for people all over the planet. And is the author of “Provocative Hypnosis” (2008) and “Provocative Suggestions” ( 2015 ).

The best way to get to know Jørgen before the workshop is watching his Youtube videos: Provocative Hypnosis på Youtube

Changework Events

Every event by Changework Events is followed up with a closed Facebook group – only for the participants.

The value of the group is highly dependent on engagement and contributions from the group members. We use the group as a forum for sharing, helping and supporting each other. And the trainers usually chip in a lot. With Jørgen that is certainly the case.

Lectures and demos can be filmed and shared in the group – only for the participants of the workshop. We agree to keep confidentiality and to not share content outside the group.

As a participant on the Psychological Illusion Model workshop you also get access to the international Facebook group (currently more than 100 members) with even more live demos, discussions and personal stories.


Tea, coffee, a light lunch and snacks will be served. 



Monday 20.1.2020




Valby Kulturhus

Lokale 4, 3.sal

Valgårdsvej 4-8

2500 Valby

Valby Kulturhus