Are you a changeworker?

And what is a changeworker? Well it is not even a real word. You cannot find it in a regular dictionary. And I am glad it is not. That is actually one of my reasons for choosing it for my brand. That means I get to define it and read into it what I like when used in my context.

So here is my definition:

A changeworker is a person working professionally to aid another person invoke a desired change in that persons thinking, feeling and behavior.

A changeworker can have a variety of approaches to do this work. Some will have a formal education from the fields of psychotherapy, coaching, hypnotherapy, mindfulness etc. Some are self-made. And others work with healthcare or general care.

The progressive changeworker will draw upon resources from multiple fields. The ambition of Changework Events is to support this by attracting the best instructors and teachers in the field of changework from around the world to teach and inspire the rest of us.

So stay tuned and keep an eye on the upcoming events at Changework Events.

/Mette – Changework Events