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Do you teach or do events, seminars or courses in topics relevant to changework?

And would you like to get signed for an event hosted by me and held in Denmark?

Please send me an email, and I will get back to you to discuss your idea or proposal further if I find it to be within the scope of Changework Events.

/Mette – owner of Changework Events


Are you a changeworker?

And what is a changeworker?

Here is my definition:

A changeworker is a person working professionally to aid another person invoke a desired change in that persons thinking, feeling and behavior.

A changeworker can have a variety of approaches to do this work. Some will have a formal education from the fields of psychotherapy, coaching, hypnotherapy, mindfulness etc. Some are self-made. And others work with healthcare or general care.

The progressive changeworker will draw upon resources from multiple fields. The ambition of Changework Events is to support this by attracting the best instructors and teachers in the field of changework from around the world to teach and inspire the rest of us.

So stay tuned and keep an eye on the upcoming events at Changework Events.

/Mette – Changework Events

Changework Events

Changework Events offers events, seminars and courses in Denmark for changeworkers from all over the world. Targeting changeworkers within all talk therapies such as hypnotherapy, NLP, coaching, mindfulness, psychotherapy etc.

The mission of Changework Events is

To inspire and enlighten changeworkers with the latest trends, knowledge and insights from the field of human changework

In a relatively short period of time, Mette Ploug Bergholt was able to set up, promote and organize a seminar with me In Denmark, where I shared my Psychological Illusion Model of hypnosis and changework. She delivered on every promise and was a delight to work with as a promotor.

Jørgen Rasmussen

Provocative Hypnosis

Mette and her team went above and beyond making my workshop on coaching the unconscious mind a please to teach. She was also a fantastic guide to all the cool things Denmark has to offer and I am still dreaming about some of those sweets…”

Melissa Tiers

Founder of The Center for Integrative Hypnosis

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